How to Maintain a French Bob for that Flawless Look

During summer, the French Bob is the most requested hairstyle. It’s perfect for the low humid summers sometimes crazy winds in Denver. It also goes well with short dresses, vibrant colors, and it doesn’t require a lot of styling like curly hair, which saves you time at the dressing table.

With a little tenderness and care and a good maintenance routine, the French bob is a classy hairstyle perfect through all the four seasons. It’s easy to pair with any outfit and works with just about any face. Even though it is easier to deal with, you still have to take good care of it.

You Might have to Change Your Hair Treatment Products 

When choosing hair treatment products, the first step is to select products designed for your hair. As such, you might not need to change your entire collection, but in some cases, you will need to add a few products to cater to your new hairstyle.

You will need something to add shine and gloss to your new look and some styling products to keep your French bob looking straight, smooth, and sleek.

After Shower Care 

The first step to maintaining an excellent French bob is after-shower care. If you’re going for that Parisian look, stay away from hot tools like the blow-dryer and straightener.

Your new and favorite product is an air-dry cream, which works wonders with the French-girl bob. The cream enhances the body and improves the texture of the hair while leaving it hydrated.

The best time to style your French bob is on the second day after the wash. This stylish look is all about texture. After shampooing, your hair is on the softer side, so it’s best to wait until the following morning to style for the best look.

If you can’t wait, use a texturizing spray to give the hair some beachy texture and airy volume. If you’re lucky to have naturally curly hair, some anti-frizz spray to give your hair that frizz-free finish is all you need.

When buying products for your hair, don’t settle for anything less than top quality. Going for cheap products could prove expensive down the line and strip your hair of its shine and strength.

If you’re not sure which products to buy to maintain your bob, don’t shy away from giving your stylist a call to ask for recommendations and advice.


Short hair tends to have an affinity for your face, which can be annoying. To keep your hair in its line, you might want to invest in a few bobby pins. You can pin the hair discretely by tucking the few strands closest to your cheekbone under your mane.

If you have to use heating tools, invest in a top-of-the-line heat protector to save your hair from the rigor of the heat produced by the styling tools.

When to visit your stylist

Unlike long hair, growth is very spontaneous on short hairstyles. You need to visit your stylist every few weeks, even if the hair is perfectly cut. Every 3 – 4 weeks for the French bob is an ideal timeline to set up an appointment with your stylist to have your mane trimmed and rejuvenated.

Add the shine 

French bobs are noticeably glossy. That’s one of the things we love them for. If your hair is on the dull side, a well-chosen shine serum can improve its appearance and help you smoothen any flyaways while giving your hair a vibrant look.

The Bottom Line 

Stylists are not only there to make your hair look great. They are also a great source of information, so you should ask as many questions as possible on how to take care of your new hairstyle.

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