Don’t Curse Your Curly Hair, Control It!

Many moms with curly hair often lament the fact that it is very difficult to keep all those curls under control. It is true that curly hair tends to be coarser and drier.

The truth is, curly hair can be a blessing and an asset. It adds volume, enhances the shape of your face, and offers endless styling possibilities.

Why do you think so many people spend big bucks on curling products and procedures? You guessed right: they are jealous of your curls!

Keeping your curls cool is easier than you think.

Golden Rules Take Control of Your Curls

  • Invest in a haircut by an expert in a good salon. And remember: curly hair should never be cut when wet.
  • Never using styling products that contain alcohol. It will dehydrate your hair and leave you with a dull, dry look.
  • Because curly hair tends to be dry, wash your hair no more than twice a week and use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. After showering, never rub your hair dry vigorously. Rather pat it.
  • This may sound suspiciously girly-like but apply a hydrating mask every now and again. It will keep your curls shiny and help you to avoid tangled hair. Go on – modern men groom too!
  • If your hair tends to be fizzy (a real curse for many curly-haired guys) use a leave-in moisturizer. Oh, and stay far away from heavy gels and wax products.

You certainly have many styling options for taming your unruly curls.

Insider Tips from the Pros:

  • If you want your curls to be tight and neat, invest in a high-hold pre-styling product. Use this with a molding cream to soften your curls.
  • If you want a more casual look with more volume, never be caught without your sea salt spray or foam. Yes, you read it right: sea salt!
  • Keep a straightener, hair spray, and a paddle brush on standby for bad hair days.

So, don’t curse your curls! Flaunt them instead!

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